Dr. med. Jan Paul Granert (Doctor of medicine)

Almost all neurological diseases come with a complex pattern of symptoms that not only require a physician’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills, but also their skill to manage and oversee therapists and providers of therapeutic equipment.

Specialists for rehabilitation are trained to assess any individual’s potentials for improvement, to support and nurture them and to evaluate the amount of time after which locomotory improvements are to be expected.

These specialists fulfill a guiding position, much like a general practitioner would. They can refer a patient to other specialists, for example internists, neurologists or surgeons, which all play a vital role in the care and healing process of their patient.


  • Assess and treat the complex neurological pattern of symptoms with the help of specific diagnostic/therapeutic skills.
  • Manage therapists and providers of therapeutic equipment.
  • Prevent complications caused by the underlying diseases or injuries.